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Sudden barking and marking around the house


Well-known member
Our Cavalier, Fred, has taken to barking a lot in the house as well as "marking" certain areas, especially in the kitchen. He and his sister Ginger have both been housebroken for several years, so we're puzzled why Fred has taken to marking things around the house. He also frequently barks at the front door, so we let him out to relieve himself, but most of the time he just sniffs the plants in our (fenced) front yard. When we let him back in, he'll go whiz on the kitchen floor.

This behavior began about 3 weeks ago. The only thing in the environment that has changed is that the temperature has gotten colder, so he might be reacting to that. During the summer and spring, Fred and Ginger stay in a pen outdoors, and maybe he misses that.

Any thoughts?


Roy Troxel
If this were my dog, I would first have him checked for urinary tract infection. Leave him at the veterinarian all day and ask them to do a "sterile sample" and laboratory culture. I don't trust free-catches to be accurate. Then I would re-crate train the dog again.

If Fred is elderly, perhaps some dementia has set in? Just thinking out loud. . .

Our Sophie will bark at nothing that we can see through the front door. I think the moving leaves on trees or ground, or any movement, trigger her. Silly dog!

Good luck and keep us updated.
Fred's barking and indoor urination have both ceased this past week. (We were getting ready to take him to the vet for a UTI exam.)

At this point, I think the sudden change in weather might have confused him, as he was used to being outside most of the day. We didn't have much of an autumn this year, just went from summer to winter. Does that make sense?


Roy in New Mexico, USA
I am not expert on dogs, nor do I pretend to be, but it seems odd that weather would have caused those behaviors. Keep an eye on him and hopefully this has passed.