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Update on My Puppy, Milo!

This is my puppy, Milo! I posted picture of him when the breeder was sending me some. Now I've had him for 3 weeks! He is amazingly adorable and I can't walk 2 feet outside my apartment without people running over to pet him and telling me how cute he is! I've never talked to so many strangers in my life! He has fit into our family perfectly. My boyfriend, who I live with, never had a dog before and he was a little uncertain. Now he LOVES him and calls him his son :)

Here are the pictures! I put some old ones from the breeder
[/URL]IMG_8099 by afmckenzie30, on Flickr[/IMG]

First day he was home- 8 weeks

[/URL]IMG_8263 by afmckenzie30, on Flickr[/IMG]

Taken today-- just about 11 weeks old :)

[/URL]IMG_9145 by afmckenzie30, on Flickr[/IMG]:p
LOL about your boyfriend and being slightly skeptical about a dog. My hubby never had a dog, and I really wanted one. It took some cajoling, but he finally he agreed. Boy, did that pup wind him around her finger! LOL! We now have three dogs and hubby cannot imagine life without them.

Milo is a beauty!
Congratulations - he is adorable and I love the name. Yes I have to agree my hubby never had a dog before we got our first one and then a second one ten years later, they certainly wrap him around their little paws.:)