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Welcoming Khaleesi


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We are adding a third cavalier to our pack - a tricolour girl who is going to be called Khaleesi. She is the latest of the fantasy heroines in our home: Molly (Harry Potter) and Éowyn (Lord of the Rings) will hopefully welcome this little dragon loving girl from Game of Thrones.
She is from the same breeder as Éowyn, and we have already visited her twice. But, we don't know which Khaleesi we are going to get, yet. There are two tricolour girls, and the breeders will keep one of them for shows and breeding. However, they are both very lovely, very alike, very social and extremely adorable.
The puppies are now five weeks old. Their mother, Winner, is a Danish champion, and she was just a puppy, when we picked up Éowyn six years ago.
We can pick up Khaleesi in three weeks, and in a week or two we know which one it is.
Can't wait!

Winner and her five puppies: Two tricolour girls, one tricolour boy, one blenheim girl and one blenheim boy.

One of the Khaleesi candidates, the smallest of them, 2 weeks old.

The other Khaleesi candidate, two weeks old. The ruby in the background is Dina. She has retired from breeding after they discovered she was a carrier of the episodic falling syndrome. However, she loves visitors, and she is adorable.

The Khaleesi candidates five weeks old. Now they have reached the same weight, and they are adorable.

Khaleesi 1 came over and fell asleep on my lap.

- and so did Khaleesi 2.

- and this little girl - so cute!


The sisters are having fun.

Dina is still around helping Winner with her maternal duties and making sure the visitors are feeling loved.
Awwwww they're all little darlings. I love the pictures of the girls sleeping in your lap. Bet you can't wait to see which one will be yours!
Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful pictures!! How darling are those pups?? Makes me want another!!

The breeder contacted us yesterday evening, and they are keeping the Blenheim girl, so we could have our own pick between the Tricolours. It wasn't difficult, we had completely fallen in love with the smallest of them. So, here is our Khaleesi. She is from a T-litter, so her full name is To Love Khaleesi. I really love the way the breeders incorporated our name into their choice.