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What a lovely idea


Just heard about this:

"Every time a member of the For the Love of Cavaliers email list announces the birthday or, sadly, the death of a Cavalier, I make a note on a Post-It I keep out on my desk. I make a $1 donation for a birthday (unless it's a special friend's Cavalier or one of my own) and $2 for a death. I round it up after converting to British Pounds and make a
donation about once every 3 months. It's such a painless way to do this!

I always add that I'm doing this to my birthday wishes/condolence in hopes that it might encourage others to do the same."
Suzanne Browne

Isn't that an absolutely wonderful thing to do? It would be very easy to keep a note, is a lovely way to recognise the birthdays of our beloved companions and also to honour their passing. You could perhaps put the money into a moneybox each day so you wouldn't miss it so much. Even if it's just a few pence for each occasion, enough people doing this could make a HUGE difference. Suzanne does this for Rupert's Fund, but it could be done for Cavalier Matters so it would encompass the Cavalier Collection Scheme and support rescue too [although you can of course specify where you would like your donation to be given]
I have known Suzanne Brown over the internet for about 10 years now. She is a very caring person and dedicated to the welfare of our Cavaliers.